Total Patient Care Dentistry

Total Patient Care Dentistry - Rutland, Vermont Dentist


Vermont Dental Care

Our Philosophy

We believe all patients have the right to the highest quality humanistic care. In support of the mission of the practice, the ultimate goal is to assist the patient to develop behaviors leading to the individual’s maximum dental health potential. This goal is achieved through the leadership of our staff and the application and sharing of our knowledge and skills in providing: Emergency Care • Comprehensive Examination & Diagnosis • Prevention & Treatment • Education

Prevention and Treatment

We offer education, information, and counseling to patients who want to understand and enjoy the best dentistry available. Our staff encourages participation in prevention and treatment of disease, and in maintaining a healthy dental environment.

To achieve the highest standards of practice and to enhance personal and professional satisfaction, we believe members of our staff have an obligation and responsibility to develop their skills by active participation in career and educational opportunities.

Optimum Work Environment

In order to maintain an optimum work environment, all members are expected to participate in all strategic initiatives that our practice embraces. This shared vision fosters an atmosphere of openness and honesty that everyone appreciates, and it allows us to achieve continuous quality improvement and dedication to outstanding service.